Planning the Perfect Day Trip to Block Island!

Planning the Perfect Day Trip to Block Island!

Introduction: Setting the Scene for Your Day Trip to Block Island

A day on Block Island makes for the perfect getaway from New England’s hustle and bustle. Located just off Rhode Island’s coast in the Atlantic Ocean, it is an idyllic destination unlike any other. Once inhabited by Native Americans, this small island was first charted by passenger ferry service in 1809. Now, with wildlife reserves and beautiful beaches, Block Island is well-known for its stunning scenery and easy access by boat or plane.

Once you arrive on the island, you’ll find a place filled with activities and sights to explore. From biking along winding paths surrounded by serene views of nature to spending some time on one of the island’s several strips of white sand beaches, there’s something worth experiencing around every corner. Many visitors use their day trips to get a taste of what Block Island has to offer—sightseeing tours, shopping at local galleries, tasting award-winning seafood dishes at local restaurants—and more! Of course, don’t forget the unique atmosphere of “Block-Islander life” that many enjoy during their visit!

Visitors often come away from Block Island with a newfound appreciation for historic charm and natural beauty blended together like no other place can provide. Whether it’s taking your time relaxing and marvelling at old Victorian houses or dining out on fresh catches from local fishermen—the swimmingly good kind! – your trip will be sure to leave you wishing you had stayed longer!

No matter how long your stay is planned for; however long (or short!) it is bound to be an unforgettable experience that has enough variety to keep all sorts of travellers entertained. And if one day isn’t enough? Well then you can always come back again soon! All in all, Block Island awaits as one of New England’s most treasured travel destinations where experiences add up quickly providing memories that will last a lifetime!

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Day Trip to Block Island

Block Island is one of the most popular day trip destinations in Rhode Island. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic getaway or an adventure with friends or family, planning a trip to the island can be a daunting process. However, with this detailed step-by-step guide, you’ll be sure to have everything taken care of and have an amazing time!

Step 1: Get to Know Block Island – Start by researching what Block Island is all about so that you know what it has to offer. Check out online forums and social media pages to read about recent experiences from other travelers as well as reviews of local activities and attractions. Knowing what type of experience you want (laid back beaches or adrenaline-filled adventures) will help shape your itinerary before you arrive.

Step 2: Book Your Transportation – When traveling from mainland Rhode Island, there are two options for getting to Block Island; by plane and by ferry. The ferry ride will give you the opportunity to take in beautiful views along the way whereas flying will get you there much faster. Depending on your budget, booking ahead is essential for guaranteed availability during peak traveler times.

Step 3: Find Lodging – If lodging overnight firmer deciding on which type best suits your needs – hotels, beach house rentals, campgrounds or bed & breakfast inns are all available options on the island. Make sure whatever accommodation you book allows pets if needed since they’re welcome on some parts of the island but not allowed in others as well as noise restrictions near residential areas. Hotels are also perfect if traveling with kids who need extra room for sleeping arraignments!

Step 4: Let the Fun Begin! – Now that your transportation and accommodations are taken care of it’s time start thinking about activities and attractions! With endless possibilities like exploring nature preserve trails, paddle boarding around coastal coves, laid back lounging at one of many charming harborside restaurants or enjoying

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Block Island

Q: What is Block Island?

A: Block Island is a small island located off the coast of Rhode Island. It is known for its breathtaking beaches, coastal hiking trails, quaint restaurants, and charming shops.

Q: How do I get to Block Island?

A: Block Island can be reached by ferry from Point Judith, Rhode Island or via a 20 minute flight from Westerly Airport on an upgraded nine-passenger airplane. Additionally, visitors may take advantage of charter boat and private vessel services that offer trips from various harbors around the southeast coast of New England.

Q: How long should I plan to stay?

A: Depending on your interests and preferences, most visitors to Block Island recommend staying three to five days in order to experience all that the island has to offer. You can spend your days relaxing at one of its many public beaches, visiting historic sites or museums like Old Harbor’s 1718 windmill and Southeast Lighthouse (America’s oldest working lighthouse!), kayaking around the coastline, or simply enjoying delicious seafood dishes in one of the local restaurants.

Q: Are there accommodations available?

A: Yes! There are a variety of places you can stay while visiting Block Island including hotels and inns right by Ocean Avenue or beachfront houses throughout the island. You may also choose to camp out under the stars at any of Block Islands two tranquil nature reserves– Rodman’s Hollow Conservation Area or Morton Wildlife Refuge both with gorgeous views over Mohegan Bluffs’s sea cliffs and across Long Pond Preserve inland lake.

Q: What activities are available on Block Island?

A: The island activities contain something for everyone – whether you’re into outdoor pursuits like kayaking, swimming, bird watching & sailing; educational materials about ocean conservation & history; arts & cultural events including theatre productions; events in downtown shopping districts; delicious eats from unique dining locations…the list goes on! Besides all

Top 5 Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Block Island

1. Block Island is ranked as one of the best beaches in New England.

Block Island has long been a favorite getaway for sun-seekers, beach-lovers and outdoor adventurers. With its gorgeous 12 miles of wide sandy shorelines, stunning vistas, unique wildlife and flawless sunrises, you can understand why! But there’s more to this picturesque island than meets the eye — here are five things you should know before visiting Block Island.

2. There are no stoplights on the island & cars aren’t even necessary!

The quaint charm of Block Island has been preserved by its strict building regulations, so all roads remain narrow “country lanes” that prohibit large vehicles and make it easy to explore on foot or bike. Because of this, many vacationers choose to forego a car altogether – depending solely on their own two feet (or bicycle wheels) for transportation during their stay. So if you plan to visit, pack light and plan for some leisurely exploring time!

3 . The options for getting to Block Island are plentiful; from ferry service to a direct flight from Westerly State Airport.

Visitors have numerous options when it comes to reaching Block Island – Ferries depart from multiple ports around the region including Montauk NY and Point Judith RI – but if you want something truly special consider taking a direct flight from Westerly State Airport! These day trips offer incredible views of the islands coastline before quickly landing visitors right in town and ready begin their adventure in no time!

4. The protected landscape means opportunistic wildlife sightings abound.

Thanks nature reserves like Rodman’s Hollow , visitors get an up close look at wild animal life in perspective they wouldn’t find anywhere else off shore Rhode Island: piping plovers all along the beach while seals caterwaul just offshore were among some common sightings discovered last summer alone!

5 . Its

Splurge-worthy Experiences to Enhance Your Unique Getaway

When planning your getaway, you likely want to include a few extra activities that allow you to make the most of your vacation. Sure, there are plenty of great sightseeing spots and attractions in any given location, but why not add a few splurge-worthy experiences to enhance that unique getaway you’ve been dreaming of? Going beyond the typical touristy element is one way for travelers to create truly unforgettable memories—no matter where you’re travelling. Here are some ideas for splurge-worthy experiences that can give your upcoming journey a special touch.

For foodies: Why not get crafty with gourmet cooking classes? Whether it’s local specialties or international cuisines, getting hands-on experience from experienced chefs can make all the difference in your understanding and appreciation for food cultures around the world. In some locations, you may even have access to organic farms as part of your learning process; it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Sports-enthusiasts may want to consider booking private lessons with an instructor – grab an adrenaline rush on the slopes of Europe or shred down steep mountain passes in North America – these types of personalized experiences make all the difference in terms of mastering those skills while still having fun! Plus, who knows what other adventures await when taking advantage of such specialized instruction amongst experienced pros?

Adventurous spirits might benefit from helicopter or hot air balloon rides over rugged landscapes or elegant architecture (such as Paris). Yes – imagine seeing Big Ben skyscrapers against sprawling green pastures – no photograph will be able to capture exactly what is seen during these airborne excursions!

For luxury seekers: Splashing out at exclusive spas and fashion boutiques also provide zen moments along one’s journey – find pure bliss among pampering facial treatments while selecting couture accessories like haute joaillerie pieces crafted by locally renowned jewelry makers – trust us

Final Thoughts & Next Steps for Enjoyable Day Trips to The Island

When it comes to enjoyable day trips to the Island, the possibilities are endless. It is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some quality time with family or friends. There are many activities which can make for a fun-filled day outing such as exploring local beaches, taking part in water sports, visiting historic sites, sampling delicacies at a renowned fine dining destination or simply soaking up some sun on the idyllic sandy beaches of The Island.

To ensure that your day trip is pleasant and memorable, here are some thoughtful tips:

• Book accommodation in advance if you plan on staying overnight. It’s best to research different hotels and guest houses so you can compare services and amenities before selecting one that fits your needs.

• Pack light but make sure you have all essential items such as sunscreen, first aid kit, sunglasses etcetera; this will ensure comfort during travel and allow for more time devoted towards leisure activities which will be the highlight of your trip.

• Map out an itinerary for each day. This will help you decide what sites to explore around The Island especially if this particular location is unfamiliar or far from home. Listing points of interest within proximity of your lodging facility can also aid in planning designating landmarks or meeting places when splitting into smaller groups.

• Snap plenty of photos! One may easily forget how vibrant and stunning scenery is during their escape from reality so capture moments now that can be cherished in years down the line; just don’t forget to back up -better safe than sorry!

Finally its important to do remember leaving behind an element of surprise. Although having a well thought out plan comes with its perks, don’t be greeted felled by if other interesting spots may appear throughout your journey; endulge in those last minute detours -trust me these memories tend become magnified further down memory lane!

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Planning the Perfect Day Trip to Block Island!
Planning the Perfect Day Trip to Block Island!
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